Our team

Meet the team

Here are people who are responsible for the Story of Cap and Trade movie

Annie Leonard


Chief writer of the movie and a person who managed to imagine the movie before it was even released.

Annie Leonard is one of the 3 main writers of the movie and the one who managed to create it from scratch.
‘’This is a special movie and we had a great time creating it.’’

Erica Priggen

executive producer

A person who directed the movie and managed to make it appealing for all of us.

Erica Priggen is the chief executive director of the movie. She has over 40 movies in the bio.

‘’Wow. The movie looks excellent in any way possible.’’

Louis Fox


She managed to create one of a kind movie with the help of experts

Louis Fox is a person behind the scenes who also made all of this possible and ready for you.

‘’I set a specific goal at the end of the movie and I managed to complete it as soon as possible.’’

Main facts about the movie

  • Viewer satisfaction 99%
  • Popularity98%
  • Recommendations99%
  • Realism97%